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Minimalist photoblogging at its finest. Highlight your writing with beautiful, expressive featured images.

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  • Requires
    WordPress 3.5+
  • Version


    Latest Updates

    Latest Updates

    = 4.2 - 4/17/2014 =
    * Changed Droid Serif font to Arimo, a sans-serif font.
    * Added tagline and small menu to footer.
    * General file and cleanup.
    * Added a better mobile menu.

    = 4.1 - 4/1/2014 =
    * Fixed bug in customizer preview

    = 4.0 - 3/23/2014 =
    * Prepared for Array.
    * Added Getting Started page (Appearance -> Getting Started).
    * Removed comment toggle option.
    * Added light color scheme (Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options).
    * Modified Pocket styles
    * Heavy file cleanup

    ** Modified **
    All files modified.

    = 3.1 - 1/2/2014 =
    * Added a prefix to the style loading enqueue.

    ** Modified **

    = 3.0 - 9/18/13 =
    * Fixed auto update bug that broke stylesheets. Note: If updating via the dashboard breaks your theme, you will have to download this update manually via your ThemeForest account. Grab the latest files (v3.0) and replace your current version. Auto updates should be fine going forward.

    ** Modified **

    = 2.9 - 9/11/13 =
    * Added localization to next/previous post links.

    ** Modified **

    = 2.8 - 9/9/13 =
    * Fixed max-width on body.
    * Fixed header search/menu toggle.

    ** Modified **

    = 2.7 – 9/8/13 =
    * This is a full-theme update. We've restyled many elements and made several architectural changes, so please update all files. Check out the revised help file for help on new features. http://array.is/articles/pocket

    * Added Infinite Scroll via the Jetpack plugin. Install, activate and connect Jetpack for quick loading posts.
    * Added lightbox carousel via the Jetpack plugin.
    * Changed title and body fonts to similar replacements.
    * Cleaned up all files and added descriptions to each template file.
    * Updated fitvid.js with new version.
    * Added lightbox carousel via the Jetpack plugin.
    * Refactored javascript to load conditionally when necessary.
    * Added options to the Customizer. You can now toggle the BW image effect and also toggle the default comments functionality.

    = 2.6 – 6/13/13 =
    * Replaced Twitter widget with new Twitter widget, available via the Okay Toolkit (http://wordpress.org/plugins/okay-toolkit/). Install and activate the plugin, go to Settings -> Okay Toolkit and activate the Twitter widget. It will appear in Appearance -> Widgets.

    = 2.5 – 5/23/13 =
    * Added max-width property to body. Looks much better on larger screens. You're welcome.

    = 2.4 – 5/20/13 =
    * Modified more title styles for Firefox.
    * Added styling for WordPress 3.6 quote format.

    = 2.3 – 5/13/13 =
    * Fixed title styles for Firefox, which was applying a faux bold effect to the font. Titles now display the same in all browsers.

    = 2.2 – 4/28/13 =
    * Modified localization function and moved languages folder to root of theme folder.
    * General file cleanup (spacing, formatting, etc.)

    = 2.1 – 4/27/13 =
    * Fixed search form styling in style.css.
    * Updated screenshot.png

    = 2.0 – 4/12/13 =
    * Updated Contact Form 7 email input styles.

    = 1.8 – 1/17/13 =
    * Added fix for Read More/Excerpt inconsistency.

    = 1.7 – 12/8/12 =
    * Added post navigation links on mobile view.

    = 1.6 – 11/14/12 =
    * Added support for responsive logo.
    * Updated screenshot.png.

    = 1.5 – 11/8/12 =
    * Added link to Customizer under Appearance menu.

    = 1.4 – 11/4/12 =
    * Added styles for center aligned images in posts.

    = 1.3 – 10/26/12 =
    * Removed depreciated comment tags when wp_debug was enabled.
    * Added support for Jetpack comments.

    = 1.2 – 10/15/12 =
    * Added custom archive template.
    * Removed date title on pages.

    = 1.1 – 10/8/12 =
    * Fixed mobile menu, which was pushing the search icon to the next line.
    * Fixed comment form labels for IE users. They were not displaying because IE's lack of support for the placeholder attribute.
    * Added asterisks for required fields on comment form.
    * Fixed footer width to be 100%, regardless of how many widgets you have.
    * Fixed Font Awesome link in style.css.

    = 1.0 – 10/8/12 =
    * Initial release.

  • Resources
    Help File & Support

Scales To All of Your Devices

Pocket is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text will scale down gracefully to iPad, iPhone and all devices in-between. Pocket looks great on all devices!

Customize Pocket

Using the Customizer, you can change your site title, link color, accent color, upload a logo and more, all with a live preview. Pocket also comes with a light and dark color scheme.

Multimedia Support

Pocket makes it super easy for you to share mixed media on your posts and pages. Set a beautiful, large image with WordPress’s built in Featured Image. Just plug in your content!

Write and Write

Pocket was designed to stay out of your way and let your content shine. With generous white space and large, legible fonts, Pocket will encourage users to keep on reading.

Theme Support

Theme support and documentation is available for all customers. Simply sign in to your account and visit the Support tab in your Dashboard to view discussions or post a new question.

Array Toolkit Plugin

The Array Toolkit provides your theme with Portfolio Items, Slider Items, custom galleries and custom widgets. Install it for free from the WordPress.org repository!

Theme Highlights
  • Minimal, Responsive Design
  • Bold, Beautiful Typography
  • Valid HTML5 Code
  • Content Focused
  • Ready for Translation
  • Theme Customizer Support
  • Twitter Widget
  • Contact Form

The following plugins are recommended with Pocket:

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    Thanks for the contemporary and clean theme. Super easy to work with and speedy, clear support from both Mike and the team on the support forum.

    Darren Newbery
  • test-stefan

    This is the best support I’ve received. Twice I needed help – and both times it came quickly, in a very professional and easy to understand way. You saved my day!

  • test-zenji

    Array does some amazing work. Your support and help files are top notch. Keep up the great work. Thanks once again an amazing theme!

  • test-chris

    Your themes and support are top notch. It’s refreshing to see the theme author himself replying to support queries in such a detailed manner.

    Chris Langille
  • test-jason

    Keeping the bloat low is giving you a huge advantage. Other themes fall apart and never work like they’re supposed to. Third theme I have purchased from you guys!

    Jason Troy
  • test-deus

    One of the very few developers who delivers worthwhile products with both a philosophy behind them and well-thought out capabilities.

    Volkher Hofmann
  • test-scott

    You can count on Array to come up with themes that both surprise and excite. The designs are always unique, compelling, and above all else, highly usable.

    Scott Bryner
  • test-super

    Verb is awesome! I’ve been doing some customization, and everything just works as expected – it’s so easy to use. Five stars!

    Super Things
  • test-john

    This is the first theme I’ve purchased from you but it most certainly won’t be the last. Just wanted to stop by to give you 5 stars and say thanks!

  • test-visual

    This is amazing, thank you very much. It’s the perfect theme without any confusing or unnecessary customization options in the admin panel. Love it.

    Visual Groove
  • test-justin

    Array is one of my go-to resources for WordPress themes. Functional design + clean code = awesomeness. Mike personifies that.

    Justin Seeley
  • test-chris

    These WordPress themes have been a dream to work with! Exceptionally crafted, standards-conscious code back up Mike’s clean, beautiful style.

    Christopher Averill
  • test-ajmal

    Array has both premium quality products & services. What could be better than great themes with detailed docs & friendly support?

    Ajmal Afif
  • test-qussay

    Minimalism at its best. Very clean code, clear and simple to modify or tweak, totally a good buy without hesitation. Keep up the great work, Mike!

  • okray

    Not only are your themes clean and well designed but the code is high quality, and your how-to videos and support are the best available.

    James Okray